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Age 0 – Conception, here I am world

Crying as I am brought into this polluted world

The only remedy is my mother’s breasts

So I drink, and this moment I feel something different

Something so subtle I close my eyes

This is my first encounter with love.


Age 5 – Everyone is my friend, everything is good, worries don’t exist

Sorrow is no where to be found

Pain is nonchalant, my friends are my all, and my all are my toys.


Age 11 – girls, girls, girls.


Age 16 – Heartbreaks, sex, a façade of love, melodramatic

Arrogance mixed with ignorance and finally diluted with hypocrisy.


Age 21- everything is bleak, all friends are gone but a few, insecurities exist

Pain is ubiquitous, sorrow is atmospheric, happiness is seldom

Life is questionable

But, In my darkest moments I find my inner light.


Age 24 – I find her, my soul mate, life has meaning

I find me, passion is my motto, and success ensues

In the cold winter I blossomed like a summer flower.


Age 50 - Family, son, daughter, completeness

Children are my everything

Summer patio nights reminiscing of my childhood

What did I lack? They get

Where did I fail? They pass

How did I become me? They learned.


Age 83 - Understanding, satisfaction, wisdom, grandchildren.


 Age Death – Now my journey begins

Bayo Oresegun


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